How To Master The 3 Way Call by Brian Carruthers

In this quick training, I’m going to share with you the most effective ways to use the 3-way call to build and GROW your network marketing business. There are three main ways to use the 3-way call. They are…

=> For Recruiting
=> For Welcoming
=> For Promoting

Using this method I outline in the video will allow you to bridge the credibility/influence gap with your prospect. This is one of the FASTEST WAYS to start building your business. Why? Because using the 3-way call method allows a new person to leverage the experience and credibility of someone who is already successful (their upline) in the business. Now, when you’re using the 3-way call to welcome your new team member, there’s a couple of things happing at once.1. Your new team member is getting introduced to someone else in your business who is successful. This helps build belief in your company and opportunity because others are having success.2. They’ll also realize that YOU’RE NOT THE ONE DOING ALL THE EXPLAINING. You’re simply using the 3-way call to make introductions to others. This way they can share their story and success with them. Now they can see they don’t have to learn everything first to be successful in this business. This is just the start of mastering the 3-way call. I highly recommend you start using this method today in your network marketing business.

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