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Some Of Our Servant Leaders

Exclusive training from our industry partners

And, yes, once you partner with us you will have access to tons of training in whatever niche entices you most ... and it's all free!

You also have access to some of the most exciting classrooms in the world... 
( On cruise ships, 4/5 start resorts, etc.)  Yeah, somebody has to do it.

Your back office(s) contain tons of video training from our leaders and our industry partners.

You have everything you need to get your business started off right and a host of business partners ready to step up to help you succeed. 

Yes, there are additional streams of income!

Let's recap the multiple streams of income you can earn as a Marketing Rep

Direct Sale

Stream 1

There is a $50 sale commission for very ITA you directly bring on to your team.

50% Match

Stream 2

Every time one of your personal reps makes a direct sale, you earn a 50% match.

Team Bonus

stream 3

There are 6 levels of $10 team bonuses.  This starts when you reach Gold Builder.  That's $10 in additional to each direct sale and 50% match.  

10% Overrides

stream 4

Gold Builders receive a 10% override on their entire matrix commissions as well as a 10% override match on travel commissions from your personal reps. 


stream 5

For every ITA in your matrix, you receive $4 per month up to 9 levels deep.

Director Bonuses

stream 6

When you reach a balanced team of at least 100 ITA's, you receive an additional monthly bonus.

And if that's not enough ...

Consider this!

100% 30-day money back guarantee

No Risk

If you, within the first 30-days, decide that this business isn't for you, then your investment will be fully refunded to you.

Home-based but not home bound

Work while roaming

This is a roam-based business.  With a laptop, or our mobile app, you can run your business from anywhere.  As long as you have Wi-Fi or any data connection, you're in business.

Game changing pledge

as a director, you can Will your residual income to a beneficiary

Feel secure knowing that in the event of your death, the business you've built will outlast you.

your beneficiary will still receive your Marketing Weekly Commissions, Director Pay, Director Bonuses, and Monthly Residual Income.

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See what our business partners are saying

"My children all play profession sports, so I was always traveling anyway.  This business just made perfect sense."

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Tisha DeShields

Marketing Rep and ITA

"I'm so happy that I invested this business.  It changed everything."

Rashida Bonds

Marketing Rep and ITA

“The opportunity to partner with a great company with unlimited income potential, including legacy income, in the world’s number one industry, just makes perfect sense to me!”

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Eric Clemons

Marketing Rep and ITA

"I joined Inteletravel because my husband and I have always traveled the world.  We love travel so much that I wanted to share my experiences and knowledge with everyone I came in contact with.  I wanted to expose all our friends and family to the world of travel.  I want them to travel and see the world through a different lens that will continue to make them happy."

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Rhonda King

Marketing Rep and ITA

Ready to take action today?


Enrollment open 24/7.  Get Access Now!

Frequently asked questions

When will I get access to the training?

Once you have signed up, you have immediate access to your back-office training modules.
Keep in mind that you don't have to be trained to start earning.

Are there any additional costs?

You have a monthly fee that maintains your website(s).  Remember, there is 2-sides to this business opportunity.  The monthly fee for the marketing website is $19.95 and $39.95 for the travel website.  Most people do both sides of the business because of the incredible compensation plan.

What software will I need?

There is no additional software required other than your browser on your laptop or mobile device.  Having said that, we do have a mobile app that allows you to manage your marketing and team activities.  There is a one-time purchase fee of $1.00 and a monthly fee of $4.95 after the first 30-days for the mobile app.

Is PlanNet Marketing and InteleTravel.com the same company?

PlanNet Marketing is the marketing arm of InteleTravel.com.  InteleTravel.com is the host agency for our travel advisors.  Although you must go through a PlanNet Marketing Rep to become an InteleTravel Independent Travel Advisor (ITA), they are two separate businesses. 

Does the purchase price of $199.90 include both businesses?

Yes!  The initial investment of $199.90 includes $19.95 for the marketing rep access and $179.95 for your access to the host agency.  After the first 30-days, you will be billed a monthly fee of $59.90 ($19.95 Rep + $39.95 ITA) to host and manage your PlanNet and InteleTravel websites and back-office functions. 

Do I have to be a US citizen to join?

No!  We have Reps and ITAs in over 20 countries.  You must be a citizen on of these countries in order to become a Marketing Rep or Independent Travel Advisor.  Check here to see if you qualify.

Where can I find out more about the company?

You want the facts?  Please visit the company's fact page.

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