When people look at Network Marketing, one of their biggest questions is, “Do I know anybody? They believe if they know a lot of people, they can have lots of success, and if they don’t know a lot of people, they don’t have a chance. It sounds logical, but it’s just not true.There are three kinds of people in Network Marketing: posers, amateurs, and professionals.

  • When it comes to finding prospects, the posers make a mental list of three, four, or five people they hope will join their business, and their entire future is based upon the response of those few people. If they’re lucky enough to get one of them, they can extend the life of their career for a short time. They might even make another mental list of three or four people. Hopefully, they’ll eventually decide to stop being a poser and upgrade to the amateur ranks.
  • The second group is the amateurs. Instead of a small mental list, these people make a written list, which is a step in the right direction. Let’s say they make a list of 100 prospects. They charge out there with excitement, but not a lot of skill. They begin prospecting, and their list begins to diminish. As it grows smaller and smaller, their anxiety level grows higher and higher. Their biggest fear is running out of people to talk to.
  • The professionals started with a written list. But then they made the focused commitment to never stop adding to the list. They created something called an “Active Candidate List,”. The professionals approached finding people to talk to as one of their core skills. It was part of their job to find new people. They weren’t interested in luck. They weren’t worried about running out of people. They developed the skill to make sure that never happened.

If you want to master this skill, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Step one: Make your list as comprehensive as possible. Include every person you can think of. EVERY person. It doesn’t matter if you think they are a prospect or not. It’s important to do this, because as you empty your mind out on paper, it will make more room for new contacts to find room in there.
  2. Step two: Have you heard of the concept that we’re all only six contacts away from any person in the world? Six degrees of separation? I’m not sure if that’s a myth or if it’s true, but I believe in the concept. Step two is looking at your list and thinking about the people they know—the second degree of separation. Chances are, you’ll know most of them also. NOTE: You will find a comprehensive Memory Jogger when you search the files section in our private group.
  3. Step three: Constantly expand your list. This is why the professionals call this an “Active Candidate List.”It never stops growing. The pros have a goal to add at least two people to their list every single day. They may not prospect them, but, they go on the list and you should find a creative way to stay in touch.
  4. Step four: Network on purpose. Professionals network on purpose. It’s hard to meet new people if you’re hiding from the world. Get out there. Have some fun. Join a new gym. Have fun with a new hobby. Volunteer for a cause that’s important to you. Find places and organizations where you can meet new people. Not only will it be good for your business, but you’ll also make some great friends.

Professionals develop a higher level of awareness. They pay attention to the world. They know they will be introduced to new people all the time. Posers and amateurs don’t even notice. They just go through their day saying “What people? I don’t see any people.”Can you see why professionals don’t worry about running out of people to talk to? Just add them to your list, make friends, develop a connection, and when the time is right you can help them understand what you have to offer.

Happy Building!

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