In Network Marketing, it doesn’t matter what works. It only matters what duplicates. This should be a guiding principle for every Network Marketing Professional.The pros never made themselves the issue. More than that, they never presented themselves as an expert. They acted as a consultant who connected the prospect to tools, events, or other distributors to help them become educated. If the prospect asked a question, they would guide them to the answer, but they wouldn’t give the answer directly.When you become the issue / expert, 3 things can happen:

  • the first problem is, no matter how much you’ve learned, there will still be questions that stump you. And since you are presenting yourself as the expert, if you get stumped, that might make the prospect question the whole opportunity.
  • The second problem was, most of your prospects will know you are not an expert. So when you come to them and present yourself as an authority figure, they knew it isn’t true. It actually makes them more skeptical.
  • The third problem is, even if you were successful at becoming an expert, the other business partners in your organization don’t necessarily have that same desire or willingness to learn. As a result, you will be the go-to guy for every single presentation, training, etc. There’s no way to create an organization that will duplicate with this approach, and without duplication, Network Marketing is just a job.

The pros use tools instead of their own wisdom. The pros use live events instead of their own presentations. The pros use other distributors to give the facts instead of giving them themselves. The pros don’t present themselves as experts; they just invite people to learn more about the product or opportunity and let the third-party resource provide the information. The pros bring passion, enthusiasm, excitement, and belief. If you ever watch a pro at work, you’ll see a fire in them that is contagious. Make passion, enthusiasm, excitement, and belief your priority, then invite professionally and let the third-party resource do the rest.Learn how to present your opportunity to groups of people. Learn how to give a short and effective testimonial. People aren’t interested in how much you know, but they ARE interested in your story, as long as you don’t bore them to death with it.No matter what your background is, you can craft a compelling personal story. I’ve found every good story has four elements:1. Your background.2. The things you didn’t like about your background.3. How Network Marketing or your company came to the rescue.4. Your results, or how you feel about your future.Take some time to create your story and start telling it every chance you get. Lastly, learn the presentation!To summarize this skill set, remember a few important things:1 When you are prospecting, you are the messenger—not the message. Get yourself out of the way and use a third-party tool.2 Learn to tell your story in a way that will make your prospects curious to hear more.3 When it comes to presenting in front of a group of people, preparation is key. When you’re prepared, it’s fun.

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