The beauty of a woman goes far beyond what the eye can behold.
It’s not just her sultry curves that wreck havoc on your nerves.
It’s more than just her lovely face that invades your mind and fills its space.
Her beauty goes beyond her almond shaped eyes, the window to her soul.
Beyond the subtle shape of her nose that chose the fragrance that she wears.
More than the lovely curvature of her lips so sweet, where soft words are formed.
Beyond her sensual jawbone structure that leads to her neckline by which she holds her head high.

Yes, her beauty goes far beyond her lovely body, fashioned by her creator.
Even beyond her soft round breast, designated as a place of rest.
Nor does it stop at her covenant place, but goes beyond her erogenous zone.
The curvature of her back parts & her thighs are only partially realized.
Her arms and legs she uses to embrace are only a sample of her hidden grace.
Her lovely feet & painted toes give little insight to traveled roads.

The beauty of a woman is that you can make love to her in more ways than one.
With understanding you can lie next to her skin to skin and never penetrate;
But speak softly & intimately with her about her day while stroking her lovely face.
Make love to her by holding her dearly while watching her favorite movie;
Or having quiet time together, perhaps while reading your favorite books.
Love on her by taking her to the mall or her favorite furniture store.
Bathe her, massage her, wash her hair for her…& yes, cook for her sometimes.
Serve her up in all the ways you know she likes and she’ll respond in kind.

Her ultimate beauty is that she was built, by design, to respond.
What you put into her is what you get out of her.
You cannot serve her partially, but as a whole; mind, body and soul.
Love her soul as your own, pray with her and continually wash her in the Word.
Her inner beauty will sustain her all the days of her life and you will call her blessed.

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