For those of us in network marketing, how many times have you heard … “You have to have a strong why” … “Your why must be tied to someone”? Yeah, me too! Like me, you probably told yourself “my why is a better life for my family” and likewise, your spouse or your kids were the objects of your why. How sweet! How noble of you! It felt good posting your why and tying it to your loved ones. How did that work out for you? Your why may not be as strong as you’d like!

So, how many of you still work a full-time job? Yeah, me too! You might like your job … you might not, yet you go in to work day-in and day-out for the same reason you stated in your why … “For my loved ones”. Okay, I can believe that as it relates to your job, but let’s get back to our business; The network marketing opportunity that stirred your emotions. Does your why still make sense?

I have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing individuals in my network marketing venture. One of those individuals is Dr. Benjamin Akins, CEO, Author, and Certified Life Coach at Better U Institute. I learned a very valuable lesson from Dr. Akins … be true to who you are. Now, there is a lot in that statement, but to keep things tied to the topic of discussion, I had to reconsider my why because I was lying to myself.

Don’t get me wrong, fellow marketers. I love love love my family, but I love me too. I work as a tech lead full-time for a financial institution. My job is challenging so I’m never bored, but I do encounter some stressful situations. I’m there, day-in and day-out, to support the people I love, so why am I carrying this same “why” into my network marketing business? Because I was lying to myself!

My job pays me well, but not what I’m worth. I’m guessing it’s the same for you. I like my job, but I like financial, personal, and time freedom better. I think that’s why any of us in a network marketing opportunity is pursuing that venture. We don’t want someone else in control over the well-being of us and our families. If they have the power to feed you … they have the power to starve you. So, why not refocus your “why” for your network marketing business and make it about you? Empower your “why”! What you are doing for you still benefits the ones you love. You might even find that your new “why” works so much better for you.

It worked for me!

Lawrence Q Robinson
Personal brand Rep and Travel Advisor

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