Listen …

“Put it out in the universe”, they say! I’m sure many of you heard that from your network marketing leaders from time to time. That might not be such a good idea. Let’s talk about what the universe is. The universe, as we understand it, is an ever-expanding expanse full of stars, galaxies, and planetoids. The Apostle Paul makes a small reference to the “Gospel in the stars” (Romans 10:17,18) … which some might say is an inference to a living thing. I think we can all agree that in its own way, the universe is a living thing, but more importantly, a spiritual thing.

What’s The Big Deal!

If the universe is this living spiritual thing, then that begs the question, what lives there? There’s an easy answer to that. If it is a spiritual realm, then it makes sense that spiritual beings live in this atmospheric realm. When we think of spiritual beings, we overwhelmingly think of good and evil. This is a belief that is supported in just about every major religion on earth.

I Don’t Get It

That’s okay! I’m about to tell you where I’m going with this. I started out by expressing why I think that putting things in the universe is a bad idea. Here’s why! I whole-heartedly believe that spiritual beings can hear and even provide for our needs and our asks. I also believe that Good and Evil constantly battle for the souls of men. On that basis, I urge all to be careful with the idea of throwing things out in the universe.

There Are Ears Out There

So, when you throw things out in the universe, you must consider who is listening to you. That depends on who you are calling on. If someone calls out … “Help!” in a crowd of people, many will hear and as many will come running to the rescue. If that same person cries out … “Lawrence, help me!”; Again, many will hear, but Lawrence will be the one to respond to the call. My point is, who do you want to answer the call out in the universe. For me, the Lord is my universe and so I’m very careful to call on him regarding my family, my business, and everything else in life.

When The Universe Answers

Now you are probably wondering who answered your call the last time you called a thing out in the universe. Thank God he gave us the answer to that. Psalm 10:22 – The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it. This is a sure-shot way of knowing who answered your call. Many of us were blessed that He heard and answered when it could have been our adversary. So next time consider … Who ya gonna call when you throw things out in the universe.

Final Thought

This post is my personal outlook on a thing we often hear and the struggle many of us face in our network marketing businesses. I hope this helped someone!

Happy Networking!

Lawrence Robinson
Personal Brand Specialist and Marketing Rep

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