It’s a simple question. If I give you my time, will you give me your effort? If you have paid attention to your network marketing business and have been plugged in, then you have experienced this question in one form or another. Maybe you were the one conveying the question in one form or another. The point is that this question generally drives the type of relationship you have with your upline and downline.

How so?

Well, let me give you a scenario. Let’s say that you’ve been involved in your network marketing venture for quite some time now. You are seasoned and well read and developed. Two new team members, Jac Kass and Sarah Miles, have now joined your team. Both seem very excited and ready to go. First, Jac asks for your help to get started. You go over the game plan with him. Sarah also asks for your help and likewise, you go over the same game plan you gave Jac. Jac takes off but doesn’t follow any of the steps in the game plan you reviewed with him and eventually stops moving. Sarah is moving along moderately but is careful to follow every step of the game plan you gave her and is seeing results.

Oh, I get it!

Right! Your time is valuable. If you had to choose now who you would spend more time with in building your business, I’m betting it would be Sarah who is Miles ahead of JacKass … I mean Jac Kass. But wait! Have you ever considered your relationship with your upline? Were they always willing to interact with you or did they seem to shy away after a friendly greeting? If you were like Jac, but soon gained Sarah’s coachability, did you notice a change in your relationship with your upline?

It’s all about standards

We started out with a question … “If I … Would You?”. It’s a matter of respect up or down your network marketing lineage. It’s not a rule, but a standard. As you grow your team, learn to set standards and keep away, as much as possible, from rules. Standards can build strong relationships. Rules have the propensity to destroy them. By doing so, you give your team the flexibility to handle situations that serve to bring about more growth and success.

Happy Networking!

Lawrence Robinson
Personal Brand Marketing Specialist and Rep

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